22 February 2007

Taking A Break

I'll be taking a break for a while. Posting intermitenly as time permits. Between my job, grad school, and life's current circumstances time is being consumed quickly. I figured I do my last post for a while in tribute to my dad who passed away February 6th 2007. I wanted to post some songs he would like to hear. Take time to check out American Athlete for regular song postings and lots of good stuff. Check in every so often and hopefully in a month or two I will be back in action. Take Care.

Gary Jack Lucier
Aug 4, 1948 - Feb 6, 2007
Passed away unexpectedly in his home. US Navy and Vietnam Veteran. 35 year federal employee. Giants, 49ers, and King fan. Gary is survived by his three daughters, grandson, brother, extend family and friends. Services will be private. We love and miss you dad!
Published in the Sacramento Bee on 2/18/2007.

Dion - The Wanderer
Sam Cooke - Chain Gang

21 February 2007

Same Text, New Songs

As Posted on American Athlete:

One of the most anticipated albums of 2007 has to be the new 2020 Vision released LP, Night Vision from Belgium's Spirit Catcher. Therefore you can only imagine how excited I was when I got my hands on a promo copy of the album. At first glance I noticed that this album is more like a compilation of Spirit Catcher's greatest work combined with some fresh new material, including classics like "Space Crash", "Voodoo Knight", "Roller Coaster", and "Sweet Deal", along with new tracks "Night Vision", "Motown Spring", and "Harmonize". The standout track in my opinion is the cosmic driven "Hidden Memories", which is a seven minute galactic journey that can definately keep the star voyager moving. Overall, I think that this is one of the best release's so far this year, as you get many classic Spirit Catcher cuts, while getting a taste of the future. I believe this LP is going to be released in March, however if you can't wait that long, I would reccommend buying the self-titled single, I know I did.

Spirit Catcher - Roller Coaster
Spirit Catcher - Time Emulator

10 January 2007

my morning wake up call

I'll keep this short. I walked out side to go to work this morning and turned on the car, forgetting what cd and what volume I left in the car last night. Needless to say, below is what woke me up at 7:50 this morning on my way to work:

The Megatrons - Rock The Planet
Lisa-Lisa & Cult Jam, with Full Force - I Wonder If I Take You Home (extended version)
Laid Back - White Horse

29 December 2006

2007 - Something to look forward to

Two things I like about New Years
1. Top Years Release List
2. New Albums for Next Year

Check out these top list:
Silence is a Rhythm Too
Soviet Panda (I like his 2006 compilations list.)
And of course Pitchfork Media has their massive lists of best and worst which is worth the reading.

And some new albums to look forward to in the new year:
!!! - Myth Takes - March 4, 2007, here are some tracks:

!!! - Bend of Beethoven
!!! - All My Heros Are Weirdos
!!! - A New Name

LCD Soundsystem - Sounds of Silver
tracks previously posted below

13 December 2006


I took my ipod in to get fixed last weekend. It's been busted up for about 3 months now and I finally got around to taking it in. I told the guy that I wanted to not reset the ipod because I have a ton of tracks on there that aren't on my computer. The guy behind the counter said he fixed it and handed it back to me. So I get home and all, 1400 songs, are gone. I've spent the last week uploading. I just finised uploading Daft Punk Discovery album. And have reached 721 songs. I'm half way there. And trying not to get angry. AHHH.

Koop - Koop Island Blues

06 December 2006

Giving you all I got

I got my hands on four of the new LCD Soundsystem tracks off Sound of Silver. I'm posting them in a zipped folder. These are the tracks:

Get Innocuous
Time To Get Away
North American Scum
Someone Great

Download the file here:

LCD Sounsystem Sound of Silver (4 songs) Removed per request

01 December 2006

Something to look forward to

I hope that this project does get completed.

Website ArthurRusselMovie.com

Arthur Russell -See My Brother, He's Jumping Out
Loose Joints - Pop Your Funk (Instrumental)